How to Fix Outlook Send Receive Error +1–877–804–0107

Outlook Send Receive Error +1–877–804–0107

Outlook Send Receive Error: In this digital and technological age, it is necessary to know the root causes of serious errors in outlook accounts or any other email accounts. One of the most common errors is the Outlook Send Receive error that causes the most trouble during your work. This error prevents you from receiving new emails in your mail-drop and does not allow you to send any email on your behalf. The strategies in the content help you solve all email communication errors and improve your system / outlook profile.

Follow the steps carefully and make some changes in the control panel, antivirus software, technical settings, etc. and resolve the error that Outlook received.

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There can be many reasons behind an email application not responding to send or receive buttons or failing to complete other desired tasks. The most common reasons may be:

  • Bad synchronization
  • Antivirus application
  • Unknown error attack
  • Large enclosure
  • Outlook data file error
  • Unpleasant files, and many

Frequent failure to send and receive Outlook can impact your business. Many of you may have tried many methods and still wondering how to Fix Outlook Send Receive Error? This article provides several solutions to send you outlook 2013 get error. Follow one or more of the following methods and continue working on Outlook.

The following are solutions to Fix Send Receive error outlook 2016, try one of the following methods

Following are the procedures that make your Outlook account settings accurate by version:

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Solution of send receive error outlook 2016/2010/2013/365

  • Start Outlook and log in with your valid email address and password
  • Start Outlook and log in with your valid email address and password
  • Navigate yourself to the ‘File’ tab
  • Go to the ‘Info’ column and choose ‘Account Settings’
  • Click on ‘Email’ and ‘New’
  • Add a new account and leave the new email address to be automatically configured
  • Provide all important credentials — enter your full name, email address and desired password and ‘Next’

Outlook will automatically try to configure your new account, click on ‘Configure Finish’ next

Auto account setup will connect to your account and the Send Receive Error Outlook 2016 will be resolved. If still you are facing the same send receive error outlook 2016 then call our toll free outlook helpline number +1–877–804–0107.

Set Account Settings in Outlook 2007 or 2013

  • Open Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2013 according to the version you have
  • Choose “File” and click ‘Add Account’
  • Enter your respected Outlook email address and password; ‘Click Next
  • Choose Ok and end the process.
  • Still not able to fix it? Follow the next steps.

Uninstall Antivirus software

Most of the time outlook send and receive error occurs when there is any antivirus is installed on your system. Some kind of antivirus software often expose themselves as an add-in the outlook and hence can disable through Outlook. The best way to troubleshoot outlook send and receive error is to find any antivirus software functioning in your system and uninstall or disable it.

Follow the subsequent method if the previous solution on outlook send receive error didn’t work for you.

Solution 3

Unable internet access by configuring the firewall

The reason behind the send receive error outlook 2016 can also be the firewall. The firewall can prevent from receiving new emails or send the pending emails. Contact the system administrator or ISP to know about the ports, port 110 = incoming access, and port 25 = outgoing access. Configure the firewall software presents in your system and enable the internet to access outlook mail.

If you are still not able to troubleshoot the problem, try the next method.

Solution 4

Repair pst file to run the Inbox

In outlook, a private folder/ file consisting of email contacts, messages, memos, notes, and other personal data, that file is called pst file (available only in Outlook). If the pst file got corrupted, the user may not be able to send any email nor will it receive the new emails in Outlook. To repair the pst file, follow the subsequent steps:

  • Log out from your outlook account and let’s begin with repairing
  • Start your system and go to Setting
  • Click on ‘Update and Security’
  • Select ‘Troubleshoot’ — let the troubleshot run on its own and tool will be repaired
  • Open your pst file and look for the following options
  1. Restore the pst file
  2. Move the pst file
  3. Backup pf the pst file

Select any one of the options as per preference and transfer your data from the current outlook account to the spare email address and refresh the system. Access to your outlook account and you will receive the new emails and also will be able to send the pending emails.

If the previous solution didn’t help, don’t worry. The following solution can surely help.

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Solution 5

Delete the unwanted mails

Unwanted emails block your way from sending emails and receiving new emails in Outlook. Check with your inbox, spam, trash, and promotions categories and delete all the unwanted and suspicious emails. Refresh your Outlook account and you will see find no outlook send receive error.

Follow the next method if still sticking with send receive error outlook 2016.

Solution 6

Clean Outlook Mails

Outbox mails need to be deleted or cleared after every few months. Lots of mail can be stuck in your outbox and that can prevent the new mails to come.

  • Go to your outlook account and click on send receive tab
  • Select the option to work from Offline
  • Select all the emails from Outbox and move all of them to the Draft folder.

Your Outbox folder is now clean. Now this will be enabled for sending the pending emails and receiving the new mails. If you are still not receiving new emails, follow the next method to fix the issue.

Solution 7

Reset the Internet Connection

Substantiate that internet wires are connected firmly to the computer. Put the network devices ON in your system if they aren’t. Internet access is must important for sending emails and receiving new emails.

Know how to verify internet modem device connections.

The above solutions were stated to troubleshoot problems regarding outlook send receive error. We hope that the given solutions were helpful to you. In case, you still could not resolve it, connect to our expert and experienced technicians over a chat and get your problem resolved easily. Many like you have availed the help, you can too.

These days it has become necessary to fix the harmful email errors on your own especially when your entire business depends on online communications. Though the Outlook is considered as the well-reputed mark in the business of providing online email services still, the users often come across various Outlook errors. This is a quick guide to go through if you who want to get past these common ‘Outlook send receive’ errors.

How do I fix Outlook send receive error?

There are various methods to fix Outlook send receive error, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Check the availability of the Internet Connection
2. Confirm the correct Outlook email settings
3. Remove the suspicious emails from the mailbox
4. Remove the corrupted email profiles from MS Outlook
5. Avoid clash with Antivirus software

How to fix Error 0x800ccc0f?

The below-mentioned solution is one of the most effective ways to troubleshoot the error 0x800ccc0f you are facing while sending or receiving emails.

Disable and Configure Firewall

1. Go to the ‘Start’ and click on ‘Control Panel’
2: Select ‘Network Connection’ and choose ‘Properties’ from the list
3: Hit the tab of ‘Security’ and turn ‘Off’ the ‘Firewall’
Now, add the POP server by following the enlisted steps
4: Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Email accounts’
5: Click on ‘Add’ and choose ‘POP3’
6: Enter the correct details of the POP3 server and end the process by clicking on ‘Finish’.

The aforementioned steps will surely help you in fixing the error as a disabling Firewall is a pathway for incoming and outgoing emails.

Why can I receive emails but not send them?

If you are receiving all new emails but, Outlook is not sending any of your emails to another email profile then, there is an issue in Outlook outgoing mail server. SMTP — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is responsible for outgoing mails. Enter the correct SMTP settings mentioned below and enable your account to send emails.

Outlook SMTP Server:
Username: Your Outlook email address
Password: Your password for the same ID
SMTP Port No.: 586
Encrypted connection: TLS

Why are my emails stuck in my Outlook outbox?

At times, the emails get trapped in the Outbox folder or the email sending process runs slow. The reasons for the Outlook could not send out emails are listed below:

1. The Outlook is working in ‘Offline’ mode
2. Incorrect outgoing settings
3. Emails are being scanned by Antivirus
4. Emails consist of larger attachments and sending process is halted
5. Your Outlook account is unauthenticated according to the mail server

What causes send/receive error in Outlook?

There are not one but several reasons why Outlook send receive error occurs, some of the most possible ones are stated below:

1. Antivirus Programs — Antivirus software, firewall, any third party can hinder the process of sending and receiving emails on Outlook.
2. The suspicious emails dropped into your mailbox can also obstruct you from replying, forwarding and receiving emails
3. Wrong Outlook email settings can cause Outlook error 0x80040610
4. In outlook, the default server time-out duration is one minute. If you are trying to send an email of massive size, it doesn’t deliver due to insufficient processing time.

How do I fix an email sending problem in Outlook?

There can be multiple fixes for this error. But, here is the easiest and most effective one.

At times, the culprit is just a faulty Outlook add-in. To fix email sending problems in Outlook you must launch Microsoft Outlook in Safe mode. Type ‘Outlook.exe/safe’ in the Windows and run it. Wait till the process complete, after a while, try and send the pending emails again. You will see that the send-receive process will work.

How do I fix Send Receive error in Outlook 365?

The below-mentioned solution of fixing send receive error is applicable to Outlook versions 365 only.

1: Click on ‘Tools’ and dropdown the tab of ‘Options’
2: Select ‘Advanced Settings’ and click on ‘Add-in Manager’
3: Click on the required ‘Add-in’ and ‘Disable’

Now, the Outlook will work without any restriction to the smooth flow of emails.

How do I fix Send Receive error in Outlook 2016?

The most possible reason for Send Receive error in Outlook is wrong IMAP and SMTP settings. Read the steps below-mentioned carefully and implement step by step:

1: Open Outlook account and go to ‘File’
2: Click on ‘Account Settings’ and then, ‘Server Settings’
3: Re-set by entering the correct Incoming Mail Server Settings

Server Name:
Username: Your Outlook email address
Password: Your password for Outlook account
Port No.: 993
SSL: Yes

4: Re-set by entering the correct Outgoing Mail Server Settings

Server Name:
Username: Your Outlook email address
Password: Your password for Outlook account
Port No.: 465
TLS: Yes

5: Now, click on ‘Done’ and finish configuring Outlook IMAP/ SMTP settings.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Have more questions in mind regarding Outlook error? Submit a request in the comment section and get the answers in our next blog.

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